Glowing Reviews

I have had Lena on my radar for some time now. I finally had business in New Orleans so it was easy to set up an appointment. Lena is every thing she says and more. She is very soft spoken and submissive and we had a great time.
— July 2017
When I opened the door of my room, I was greeted by a very attractive woman who was conservatively dressed. She entered the door and we hugged and kissed. She excused herself to the restroom to change, and once she emerged from the bathroom dressed in a sexy outfit with a “do whatever you want to me” look, I knew that this was going to be a fun time!
— November 2016
Lena is a doll; she has soft caramel brown skin and an adorable face. Her pictures are accurate but I think she looked better in my room naked! She has beautiful dark eyes and a captivating smile, with some of the sweetest lips I have had the pleasure to enjoy.
— September 2016
Stunning and demure, she seemed a bit shy upon upon meeting me, but she very quickly opened up as we made each other’s acquaintance and spoke of mutual friends. A charming and intelligent lady, we talked of books and travel. After finishing our drinks, we returned to her hotel as if we were lovers reacquainting ourselves.
— August 2016
Lena is a doll with the face of an Angel. There’s an innocent look to her face and in her eyes but trust me, she is anything but innocent!
— January 2016
She’s a Caribbean born young woman, who is the sweetest, prettiest, and most demure young woman you would ever want to meet, but if the two of you click and have that chemistry, then pretty much everything seems to be in play.
— January 2016
Lena is a sweet natural woman, with a quiet and somewhat shy personality. Once she gets comfortable with you, she opens up, shows her intelligence, great knowledge and conversation skills.
— November 2015
Lena is a very exotic and unusual looking woman who appealed to me the minute she joined. Interesting and expressive face, large natural breasts with very large and responsive nipples and areolae. Beautiful shapely legs and rear, full natural down below and she does not shave her legs. I thought she was tremendously attractive. Sweet-smelling and tasting all over. Beautiful skin. Interesting accent—New York City and Caribbean. I loved listening to her talk.
— September 2014

Nearly two dozen reviews is sufficient to demonstrate my dedication to curating a remarkable experience during our rendezvous. From now on, I will no longer accept any new public reviews but I'll gladly read any private and tastefully written adulation you're inclined to share. Thank you in advance for respecting my boundaries.

Kind regards,

Lena Duvall

June 21st, 2018