Perfect for when you are short on time, and are looking for a salacious no strings attached fling to whet your appetite. Fret not, we can always enjoy more of each other when our paths converge in the future.

1 hour   $400

1.5 hours   $550

2 hours  $700  (PSE & D/s minimum)


My endearing demeanor deeply intrigues you and provokes blood to flow to your big and little heads all at once! You'd love to learn more about the influences and inner workings of a young, enigmatic exotic minx. Intellectually rousing discourse over dinner or drinks is the perfect warm up for our exuberant erotic encounter.

Cocktail Date   $850

Includes one hour to enjoy drinks and two hours for us to explore each other in private.

Dinner Date   $1,000

Includes one hour to share a nourishing meal and three hours to whisk away in private and let the feasting truly begin. Requires a 25% deposit upon booking.


You are a kindred spirit who is in search of boundless, body quivering deliverance. In the depths of your soul, you also know that mindfully engaging all your senses beyond closed bedroom doors is tantamount to sexual liberation. With an immersive engagement, there is an abundance of time. We can stomp our feet to the tunes of your favorite jazz, brass, or blues band and check out the Basquiat or Bearden exhibit. And if you are looking for adventures that exist at the crossroads of all that is daring and unfamiliar, I’d be happy to serve as your underground concierge. We’ll honor the beauty that exists all around us, then lay down our offerings. Afterwards, sexual rapture awaits!

Out On The Town $1,500

Cut up and get down with a sassy and sophisticated siren who appreciates diverse cultures, exquisite art, and performance as much as you do. Includes two hours for a shared meal as well as social time and three to four hours for enriching intimate companionship. Requires a 33% deposit upon booking.


CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to reschedule or cancel, with an adequate heads-up, I can accommodate you. A short notice cancellation made within 72 hours requires a fee equal to 10% of my rate for the session duration you booked; within 36 hours requires a 25% fee; within 18 hours requires a 50% fee. With a last minute cancellation or NC/NS, my full rate is required.

Breakfast Can Wait $2,000

Perfect for exploring each other under the moon's beams. Why should you be left to your own devices after waking up from a steamy dream! Up to 9 hours including a shared meal and a few hours of rest. Requires a 50% deposit upon booking.


TOURING DEPOSIT POLICY: While I'm on tour, I require a 10-50% deposit depending on the session duration you prefer. This deposit is waived only if you are a returning friend, book via Preferred 411, or if I am at home in New Orleans. As always, I require a deposit to confirm a four hour or longer date.