For reasons pertaining to safety, screening is required. When you are ready to arrange our encounter, make your best impression. Conducting yourself in a respectful manner and conveying a sense of intention and thoughtfulness is crucial. I am discerning, though be assured that I never discriminate based on race, nationality, or gender.

To arrange a date, please email me (

Provider References

I will accept three references* from reputable and verifiable providers you have met with in the past year. Please include their full stage name and contact information. They must have a current and searchable online presence. The handle, email, and phone number you use with me must match those you’ve used with your references.

*Preferred 411 or RS-AVS may be accepted in lieu of references. 

Identity and Employment Verification

Alternately, I can meet you once I’ve completed an employment and identity verification. Please send me your full legal name; phone number; company or employer’s name and a blank email* from your work account. It is important that I am able to both verify that you are who you say you are and where you are employed.

*At my discretion, three social/ professional profiles (LinkedIn, etc) can serve as a replacement for your work email. 


CANCELLATION POLICY: When you confirm a date, I reserve time to arrange the details in advance as well as to get ready for you the day of. If you need to reschedule or cancel, with an adequate heads-up, I can accommodate you. Otherwise, a short notice cancellation made within 72 hours requires a fee equal to 10% of my rate for the session duration you booked; within 36 hours requires a 25% fee; within 18 hours requires a 50% fee. With a last minute cancellation or NC/NS, my full rate is required.