Out on the town, I like to dress in a subtly alluring manner so as to leave your imagination just enough room to run wild. I love high glamour and I’m open to accommodating your wardrobe requests. Otherwise, I opt for a demure look which usually includes a touch of makeup, a dress which adequately contains my ample D cup bosom and is long enough yet still shows off my shapely legs, and classic heels. You’ll find my aura to be transfixing and my personality to be warm and steamy. I am a perceptive listener and a and playful conversationalist.

One-on-one, my devious inclinations are apparent. My approach to eroticism is highly intuitive. I am a tender lover who possess the perfect combination of finesse and stamina. My kittenish nature and angelic countenance will delight you. Nevertheless, a tug of my hair or your strong hands placed in the crook of my neck, or firmly spanking my supple posterior is enough to unleash my naughtiest tendencies. In the throes of such sweet pain, my carnal moans will serve as visceral, orgasmic affirmations of your prowess.

It brings me joy to help you actualize your fantasies and express sensuality on multiple levels. I would be delighted to provide a safe and encouraging space for you to experiment. Release your inhibitions, let your mind wander, and imagine the expansive array of possibilities. Come and unwind as I caress you with my gentle touch and satiate your cavernous cravings.


Grooming:  Unshaven

Age: Late 20's

Height 5' 4"

Dress: US 12

Body type: Curvy

Dimensions: 36 chest; 32 waist; 39 hips

Cup size: DD

Shoes: 8