I am a distinct and entrancing beauty. From the glorious coily tendrils that adorn my crown to the soft hairs that sheathe my most delicate places, I’m naturally groomed from head-to-toe. My mesmerizing deep brown eyes, luscious lips, and striking cheekbones accentuate my youthful face. What’s more, my beauty transcends the physical realm. I am empathetic and obliging. And my infectious optimism will surely liven up your spirit.

I was born in a small town near the coast on a lush, picturesque Caribbean island. Serene days spent watching clear blue waves caress white sand shorelines and listening to birds sing sweet songs taught me early lessons about what is sacred in life. Migrating cross-island with my family to a bustling port city acclimated me to the richness of urban living and prepared me for my next move the Big Apple!

Journeying over 1,500 miles to my new home and being greeted by the dazzling New York City skyline imparted in me a love for all things cosmopolitan. I resituated in a diasporic haven in St. Albans. While spending my formative years in Queens, one of the most diverse places on earth, I cultivated a deep thirst for knowledge. As such, I am grateful for wisdom and experiences gained from esteemed institutions as well as subversive subcultures.

Even while excelling in formal education settings and supplementing my learning with driven self-education, I still found that my creative energies were uncontainable. My time spent in classes and on stages in a CUNY institution renowned for performance studies was well worth it. Yet my soul was ablaze with yearnings to engage in the types of play that lean towards the perverse.  

Breaking out of the constraints imposed by society seemed daunting. Alas, I owned the reality that my history of migration and my evolving quest for refinement and knowledge have shaped me into an audacious and free-spirited being. Since flowing with the currents that inspired me to relocate to New Orleans, I’ve heeded a nearly decade old longing to be a winsome companion!