Woes of a hairy escort: "Will you shave your..."

Fill in the rest of that question with pussy, armpits, thighs, calves, or even arms. If you can imagine the various regions of my body that have either fine, close to my skin color hair or dense, nearly black hair, then some knucklehead has messaged me asking if I would oblige his request to shave that part of my body just for him. Since I'm a companion who is nonconformist in more ways than one, I find it best to be candid about my unique look. Therefore, I've spoken about being unshaven on my website and other online venues countless times. Despite this fact, there have been several occasions where I was harangued by the most patronizing and oblivious people to do something that if I wanted to do, I would have obviously done a long time ago. That is, shave my body hair.

Perhaps because it is said that the heyday of the full bush was in the 1960's and 70's and it's not becoming of a young 21st century woman to rock untrimmed pubic hair, some feel an urge to pressure me to shave (as if I'm making a mistake by not doing so). Well, I'm completely aware of where body hair sporting women fall on the mainstream-niche spectrum. "Hairy porn" is relatively popular. But even though pornography and escorting are under the same loose adult industry umbrella, in the States, hairy GFE escorts are much more of a rarity than their porn star contemporaries.  

Still, being surprised that all-natural escorts exist is no excuse to act a fool when you do encounter one. I've come up with the perfect remedy to alleviate any future body hair antagonism that I'd experience: a custom upcharge exclusively for any inquirer who would have the gall to ask me to shave. I will offer on-demand shaving of my plush pubic hair (which has gone unshaven for several years due to personal choice) for $50,000. Just kidding! :-p Money is for time only. But my hyperbolic quip illustrates the point that it's highly unlikely that I would even come anywhere close to the point where I'd consider forgoing my natural grooming. I love my luxurious body hair. And if you love it too, here is a stimulating bush shot!