Spring's Here: I'm Celebrating With a New Look and Escort Tour!

...between water and light which unwind the air,
now the spring is inaugurated,
now the seed is aware of its own growing;
the root takes shape in the corolla..
— Pablo Neruda

Longer days, warmer weather, beautiful flowers blooming, butterflies flitting about... what's not to love! Plant and animal life, are showing out. Birds are chirping sweet songs. It's not too cold or too hot. Beautiful dames shed their stuffy winter layers and bare more skin. With warmer weather comes opportune occasions for pursuing romance. A picnic in the park, cruising around in a droptop, or a sultry night spent stargazing are just a few ideas that come to mind. More than other times during the year, my passion is off the charts. Spring is my favorite season. (With Autumn being a close second.) There is so much change unfolding all around. The spirit of rejuvenation truly does abound.

This spirit has taken a hold of me in a couple regards. Firstly, I'm preparing to embark on a multi-city escort tour next month. So far this year, I've taken myself and my sprightly variety of GFE, PSE, and BDSM escapades to nearby Texas. In January, I visited Dallas and Austin. Last month, I returned to Dallas in addition to visiting Corpus Christi and San Antonio for the first time. In May, I'm heading to the Big D once again as well as branching out and heading North. Chicago, which I've always found to be such a captivating city, will also be on my itinerary. And in keeping with my intention to gain new experiences in cities I've never been to, I'll be visiting Indianapolis, Indiana; Washington DC; and Baltimore, Maryland for the first time. This is my longest sequence of journeys which will have me on the road for about two weeks.   

As far as my other Spring inspired change, I decided to switch up my look to suit the season. And I got new photos taken as well. While I love my regal lion's mane worth of hair, occasionally I like to change things up. Here is a sneak peak that I hope you enjoy!