Dirty Talk: Etiquette Pointers When it Comes To Chatting Me Up

I enjoy flirting and cultivating rapport before an encounter. Though mindfulness and balance are key. It's one thing to be brimming with anticipation and send a sweet and thoughtful note here and there. But please use common sense. Booking a session with me doesn't entitle one to unreasonable and exorbitant amounts of my time and energy leading up to a date. 

Just as you have a life, whether that be professional or personal, and day-to-day you hold space for members of your biological family, dear friends, and work colleagues, so do I. Obligations that exist for me outside of our arranged time together does not take away from my focus and enthusiasm during our encounter. It just means that it is not feasible for me to be a round-the-clock free source of on demand titillation. 

I appreciate an earnest desire to get to know more about my style and personality. My writings on my site and here on my blog do provide a glimpse into my passions and what moves me. Also, when thinking about respect, it is important to reflect on why there is a tendency in "hobby culture" to promote the consumption of a companion's time "off the clock." Oh, and in addition to the time aspect, do remember that I do not invite vulgar or indiscreet correspondence leading up to a date. Honestly the sexiest, rev up my engine message you can send me is a thorough inquiry that demonstrates that you've put forth the effort to research and access our compatibility (especially since it's easier for you to find out about me than vice versa). And secondly that you value my physical and emotional safety and will abide by my screening practices. Simple, I know! 

Plus if you desire virtual X-rated engagement, I'd love to be your personal "Girl 6." Cam, phone, or even text sex that both parties consent to can be so hot. My virtual GFE or PSE packages can be scheduled for whenever is convenient for you and payment via Square Cash or Amazon Gift Card are both acceptable.

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