Recap of My Mini Escort Tour to Austin and Dallas

Besides a few visits to Texas and small-town Louisiana more than a year ago, I haven't had much experience with touring. So far, during my time as a companion, I've visited Lafayette and Shreveport, Louisiana; Houston and Dallas, Texas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Chicago, Illinois. Since New York City was home for me for about two decades, I've returned there several times so I can visit my loved ones. 

With it being a New Year, I'm taking space to meditate and envision the changes I'd like to implement in my life. Traveling more, especially to cities I've not yet visited is near the top on my list of intentions. In that spirit, I went on a mini-tour of Texas this month. I returned to Dallas for the first time in a while and I made my first visit to Austin. My experiences were enlightening. Being on the road as a woman in general, but as a sex worker specifically requires a myriad of skills that may easily be taken for granted in everyday life. On top of that, add curating an itinerary and moving about from place to place solo. I must say that I'm proud of myself and the experiences I've gained leave me invigorated for my future adventures.

In the future, I'll be making announcements of my upcoming travels here as well as sharing recaps, including selfies and food porn. And as a history and culture buff, I also aim to visit prominent and meaningful attractions in the cities I visit. In the meantime, enjoy my on the road selfies taken during my Austin visit.