Crown of Glory: My Journey to Embracing Being a Nappy Haired Heaux

Almost a decade ago, I decided to go "natural." What a world we live in that beauty standards are such that it is a big to-do to wear my textured hair just as it grows out of my head. The "going" part of going natural refers to refraining from using chemical treatments to make coily hair straight. At every turn, the notion that Black people's hair in a natural state is unattractive or even unsuitable (for corporate workplaces, the military, and other traditional institutions) is reinforced. After going natural and wearing my hair in twists or sometimes loose in an afro since about 2008, I've never looked back!

I love the diversity and all the possible options that exist for how Black women style their hair. So I don't in anyway feel that a natural style is "better" than other ways Black women choose to style their hair such as making use of wigs. But since I began escorting in 2014 I'm left wondering how many clients and other escorts believe, as a result of perceptions shaped by dominant culture, that naturally coily hair is inferior and repugnant. Black companions with natural hair styles are few and far between. In fact, I think I can count how many I've come across on both of my hands. Well, regardless of the opinions of anyone else, I am deeply happy with my choice.