It's Lena, Miss Duvall if you're nasty

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I've undergone what seems like an infinite amount of transformations and embarked on many journeys to get to a place where I can more fully embrace and celebrate myself as an erotic being. I'm Lena Duvall, by the way. A bit of a doyenne when it comes to my own unmistakable manifestation of body hair sporting, vintage and pin-up inspired stylings, and oh so raunchy sensual escapades, more than anything, I am amicable and vivacious. If we haven't met, I hope the opportunity presents itself in the future. Most weeks out of the year, I can be found in New Orleans, Louisiana. Seasonally (about every two or three months), I also tour to cities near and far. Houston and San Antonio, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City are just some of the destinations I have or want to tour. 

During the reign of Reagan, I was born on the third largest Caribbean island. (Immigrant diasporas are very small, so as much as I want to, I prefer not to proudly proclaim my homeland.) In the Clinton era, I migrated to the States and moved to Southeast Queens, NYC. Oddly enough, even with Jupiter (god of the sky) prevalent in much of my natal chart, the most traveling I did in my younger days was commuting and zipping around on various MTA subway lines throughout Manhattan, Queens, and the other Outer Boroughs. I've only lived in three places, New Orleans being the latter. And it's since my move down South and my grand entrance into the demimonde that I've carved out the space to see even more regions of the States. 

In an industry where all participants are maligned and assumed to be either an exploiter or exploited, purpose and ethics are especially important to me. So too are juiciness, pleasure, and erotic exploration! To find out more about how I navigate this wild world, please look out for my subsequent posts on here. Also, do be sure to follow me on Twitter for cultural commentary, witticisms, my availability in New Orleans, travel updates, and of course racy visuals.