Wet and Wild: How I Like to Get Down in the Shower

Doing the nasty on the bed readily comes to mind for most people. But just around the way, usually no farther than several feet from the plush King size set is an equally romantic if also slippery setting that's perfect for getting it on. If you guessed the bathroom shower, you're totally right!

When preparing for shower play, I like to remove any unnecessary objects. With all the water splashing around and slick marble or granite, extra obstacles (however small) are best kept away from the scene. Useful objects to have nearby include washcloths, loofahs, or other items that might make for an interesting time when playing around with sensations.

Setting the mood with scents and lighting also serve to engage even more senses. Some of my favorite scents are lavender, ylang ylang, and vanilla. And candles of various sizes can be used to adjust the vibe. (There are even LED candles if you don't trust yourself to not knock over a conventional candle mid coital.) Waterproof adult toys and water-based personal lubricants are sexy accoutrements that take a shower time romp to the next level. 

What else do I like to do in the shower? Standing doggy and mutual watersports come to mind!