Ménage à trois with Lena and Lily

Are you looking for double the titillation? If a date with two witty, sultry, and lusciously curvy companions strikes your fancy, then Lily Kat Wood and I will marvelously fulfill your ménage à trois fantasy. Lily and I first met for tea at a quaint French Quarter cafe this past Autumn. We shared lively tales and in the process discovered that we have many similar passions. Since then, we've hit the town on more than one occasion, partaking in fine dining and libation as well as taking in some of New Orleans' most intriguing art. Our desire to explore one another continued growing after a mischief filled night spent in sipping on Lily's favorite, 1000 Stories Zinfandel.


It would be most delightful if you would join us on our next adventure. Together, we offer a duality-filled and daring encounter. Lily is an alluring MILF and sensuous Mistress, while I'm a raunchy and coquettish submissive. Plus I should mention, we both share a mutual love for strap-on modeling and prostate pleasure.