For reasons pertaining to safety, screening is required. When you are ready to arrange our encounter, make your best impression. Conducting yourself in a respectful manner and conveying a sense of intention and thoughtfulness is crucial. I am discerning, though be assured that I never discriminate based on race, nationality, or gender.

To arrange a date, please email me (

Provider References

I will accept three references from reputable and verifiable providers you have met with in the past year. Please include their full stage name and contact information. To be considered verifiable, they must have an active and searchable online presence as well as reviews and/or a current website and adverts. The handle, email, and phone number you use with me must match those you’ve used with your references.

Identity and Employment Verification

Alternately, I can meet you once I’ve completed an employment and identity verification. Please send me your full legal name; phone number; company or employer’s name and a blank email* from your work account. It is important that I am able to both verify that you are who you say you are and that you are employed.

*At my discretion, three social/  professional profiles (LinkedIn, etc) can serve as a replacement for your work email. 


Preferred 411 appointment requests are also suitable. I look forward to hearing from you!